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OGAWA (written: 小川) : Little River

Our Concept

A taste of Japan in the heart of Miami

At Ogawa, we pride ourselves on offering a unique epicurean experience meticulously crafted by Master Sushi Chef Masayuki Komatsu and Sushi Chef extraordinaire Royce “Gaja” Appling. Our menu features the finest seasonal ingredients direct from Japan, and is complemented by a sake and wine list curated by Sommelier Luis Martinez. We invite you to come and taste the difference.

About Álvaro Perez Miranda

The first Latino in the U.S. appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine, restaurateur and art dealer Alvaro Perez Miranda is the owner of Japan Authentic Food Systems and Black Ship Art Gallery. Born in Venezuela, Perez Miranda lived in Tokyo for 15 years and has overseen more than 70 gastronomical projects throughout his career. He presently showcases his love for art and authentic Japanese cuisine at his Miami restaurants, the Edomae-style Hiyakawa in Wynwood, fast-casual concepts Wabi Sabi and Midorie, and the Kappo cuisine eatery Ogawa in Little River. Perez Miranda is also the Food Ambassador of Ibaraki in the U.S., one of the top agricultural prefectures in Japan. 


Meet Our Chef

Born in Osaka, Japan, Master Chef Masayuki Komatsu has been perfecting his craft of edomae sushi for over fifteen years. Beginning his career at the infamous Sushi Den in New York, he spent a brief period as a Sushi Chef in Monaco before he was later recruited by Chef Morimoto and came down to Miami. Chef Masa is focused purely on Japanese tradition when it comes to sushi and only serves ingredients at their peak season when they show the very best. Through his relationships in Japan, he is able to source the best product from each prefecture year-round. Ogawa is the stage for Chef Komatsu to showcase what the pinnacle of Edomae Sushi is all about.

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