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OGAWA (written: 小川) : Little River

The Japanese Experience

Enter Ogawa, where every detail is meticulously crafted to transport you into the refined heart of Japanese culture. Master Chef Masa & Chef Royce have curated an ever-evolving Kappo menu, paying homage to the sacred traditions of Edomae cuisine and showcasing its pristine ingredients and time-honored techniques. 


Drawing inspiration from the classic Minka house, Ogawa transports diners to an oasis of refined flavors and textures that can only be experienced at the sushi bar Chef Masa & Chef Royce reside behind. The beverage program is helmed by Sommelier Luis Martinez, whose discerning palate has curated a selection of classic wines, artisanal sakes, and rare Japanese whiskies.


Ogawa features a private Japanese garden, meticulously tended by a local Ikebana artisan. In addition, you will be invited into a striking room filled with traditional Japanese calligraphy scrolls, contemporary nihonga artworks & stunning design conceived by owner Alvaro Perez Miranda. 


Our Kappo menu starts with a series of small dishes focused on seasonal ingredients at the peak of freshness. The menu then moves into a series of 8-10 seasonal nigiri, ending with a handroll, miso soup and dessert to finish. 


Master Chef Masayuki Komatsu

Born in Osaka, Japan, Masayuki Komatsu has dedicated nearly two decades to perfecting the art of Edomae sushi. His culinary journey began at the renowned Sushiden in New York City before honing his skills as a Sushi Chef in Monaco. Later, he was handpicked by Chef Morimoto as Head Chef and relocated to Miami, where he remains steadfast in his commitment to Japanese tradition.


Chef Masa's philosophy revolves around showcasing ingredients at the peak of their seasonality, ensuring the highest quality and flavor profile in every dish. With an extensive network of relationships in Japan, he meticulously sources the finest ingredients from each prefecture year-round. 

Álvaro Perez Miranda

Álvaro Perez Miranda, a trailblazer in the realm of Japanese cuisine and art, holds the distinction of being the first Latino in the U.S. appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine. As the visionary owner of Japan Authentic Food Systems and Black Ship Art Gallery, Perez Miranda brings together his passion for culinary excellence and artistic expression.


Originally from Venezuela, Perez Miranda immersed himself in the vibrant culture of Tokyo for fifteen years and has overseen more than 70 gastronomical projects. Now based in Miami, he shares his love for authentic Japanese cuisine and artistry at his establishments. Other concepts include the refined Edomae-style dining experience at Hiyakawa in Wynwood to the fast-casual concepts of Wabi Sabi and Midorie. Additionally, he serves as the Food Ambassador of Ibaraki in the U.S., championing the exceptional agricultural produce of one of Japan's premier prefectures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, but with some limitations. To ensure we can tailor our offerings to your needs, please inform us of any dietary restrictions at least 72 hours before your reservation time. Unfortunately, certain restrictions, such as no rice, no fish, and vegetarian diets, cannot be accommodated.

Is there a beverage pairing?

We offer a carefully curated beverage pairing featuring a selection of grower champagnes, premium sake, and classic wines. Curated by Sommelier Luis Martinez, the pairing is designed to complement our ever-evolving seasonal menu, introducing guests to unique beverage offerings not commonly found elsewhere.

Where can I book for larger parties?
For larger groups of up to 12 guests, we offer private dining options. Please contact us at for further details and reservations.
What is your cancellation policy?
We kindly request a minimum of 72 hours notice prior to your reservation time for any modifications or cancellations to receive a full refund. To make changes to your reservation, please email us at
What happens if I am late?
Tardiness in excess of 15 minutes may result in your reservation not being honored, or previous dishes being missed. If you anticipate being late, please contact us promptly to make arrangement.
What is your corkage policy?
Our Corkage fee is $75 per 750ml bottle and $150 per magnum.
Do you offer Catering or on-site events?
Yes, Ogawa is available for full buyouts accommodating up to 12 guests. Additionally, we provide catering services and bespoke private dining experiences at your residence. For inquiries, please email us at, and we will promptly assist you with options and pricing.
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